About Us

Donald R Loke first started his career in watchmaking in 1974. He had scholarships to several universities but at that time it was difficult to find work once you got out of school. A lightbulb went off in his head about watchmaking. A dying profession which he equated to job security. He always like mechanical puzzles and was often taking apart his motorcycle and 1956 TBird to restore or fix. He had an aptitude for technical things.  So he applied to Bowman Technical School and graduated from the watchmaking program. He later went back to Bowmans to make a clock. From there he received an application to study in Switzerland.  He went there and finished top in his class in 1984. Upon graduating he was invited to study at Jeager LeCoultre then Breguet. He became the after sale service center for Breguet and followed that with working with Dennis Harmon who was specialized in ultra complicated timepieces for Christies, Sothebys and Bonhams. Donald then was hired by SMH Group in NY and became the Technical Director for ETA which later became Swatch Group.

Donald Loke has been highly regarded as a master watchmaker. He was trained by the world’s top watchmakers, graduating from the Swiss WOSTEP School with highest honors. He has an extensive and deep understanding of the watch industry, both from its development and international sales/distribution side and the technical aspect. He has provided sales and service for some of the largest and most famous Swiss watch brands — Parmigiani, Audemars Piguet, Girard Perregaux, Breguet, Bertolucci, Swatch group, Alain Silberstein, Vogard, Antoine Preziuso, Daniel Roth, Gerald Genta, to name a few.

Donald Loke has designed over forty watches throughout his career and is well known in the watch industry for his creativity. He is one of the rare U.S. watchmakers who can make virtually every part of a watch owing to his years of doing restoration work for Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams, Cartier, Tiffany’s and other prestigious watch houses and private collections. He is known in NY as the go to guy when everyone else failed.

Donald has now decided it was time for him to launch his own line of watches and has designed 2 movements which will be manufactured in the USA.