John E. McBarron

“Donald has knowledge of restoration of ancient timepieces as well those modern. He is a true student of the craft and has never ceased to develop his knowledge. Donald can repair and/or appraise ancient timepieces as well as render appropriate repairs with time appropriate period machinery. Donald also has a great sense of aesthetics. His sense of design is impeccable. ”

Giulio Chezzi

“Whether in production, manufacturing, distribution or retail, Don's knowledge and expertise lies not only in brand building throughout North America but also in being able to provide a first class after sales center.
A true asset to our industry and an extremely personable gentleman.”

Bob Sears Siragusa

Don is a great and knowledgeable business person and excellent in sales, marketing and creation

Glen Bowen

I highly recommend Don Loke whom I first met in 1997. I have had many opportunities to work and socialize with Don during watch industry events and trade shows. Don was instrumental in my success during the launch of InSync magazine because he was already a watch industry insider who believed in my mission and understood the challenges that would come my way. Don is one of those unusual people who has a passion for watches combined with a deep understanding of wholesale sales and marketing, which is exceeded only by his technical watch expertise. That is truly a unique combination. Not only is Don a person of high and unshakeable integrity but most importantly, he is honest, hardworking and transparent in all that he does.

Jasmine Bapic

Ever since I met Mr. Donald Loke, I always enjoyed working with him and learning from him. His passion for watch making and the Swiss watch industry was aligned with my background and similar ambition. Don is an enthusiastic, independent, knowledgeable and capable individual who deserves the chance to pursue his ambitions in this incredible industry.

Al Armstrong

Don is a great watchmaker with high skills.

Chip Barnes

One of the most astute and professional people that I've met in the realm of technology. Smart and driven. Presents well ingroup situations.

Yacine Houari

I have known and worked with Don for 4 years. He is a man of great courage and high integrity. Don is a visionary and inventor. One of his outstanding qualities I observed while working with him is his ability to solve complicated challenges with imaginative and elegant solutions. He is extremely open with people and has the ability to inspire others to work toward and achieve a common goal. He is an excellent leader and builds dynamic, productive teams. He also cares deeply for his family and friends, and is well respected in his community. It has been a pleasure and honor to work with him and I highly recommend him.

Norm Kushner

During nearly 30 years in the Swiss Watch industry, my path has crossed with Don Loke's many times. I have always found Don to be a consummate professional who posseses skills and knowledge within the industry that is surpassed by few. Don would be a valuable addition to any team and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Vincent Yeh

I have known Don since his days as Technical Director of Breguet North America. We put together a show as a team and it was great - despite the 15-inch snowstorm that day! Don has been a watchmaker/dealer/friend to me. He has taken care of my needs, helped me out in various situations, advised me. I feel fortunate that I know someone at Don's level of expertise. His breadth and depth of knowledge is wonderful and I'm fortunate to have known Don over so many years and is his friend.

Tim Jackson

Don is the real deal. A watchmaker of great talent, a skilled communicator and a very knowledgeable industry professional. He is not one of our industry's flashy, outspoken, marketing oriented "point men", but rather a passionate, considerate and modest good guy. He helped me many years ago with a tricky Vacheron dial clean up. It required a deep knowledge of the issue and Don took care to do it right. Highly recommend Don to anyone.

Joshua Simcox

I have known Don professionally for several years. He has a command of big picture as well as nano-scale details of all his projects. I highly recommend Don in any capacity he pursues. He is meticulous and understands business and the paradigms and epistemology of the technology markets of today.